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Daily Living Aids in Australia

We have loads of gadgets and aids that just help make daily life that little bit easier, from opening a jar of peanut butter to easy to hold cutlery and non spill cups and mugs, check out our range of DLA's (Daily living aids) and see if we can help make your daily life a bit brighter.
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Buy Daily Living Aids in Australia

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IV Pole
Free standing, mobile stainless steel IV pole on castors.
Tipping Kettle Ucello- Kettle Tipper
Easily and safely used without ever removing it from the...
bottom Wiper Buckingham
A long handled aid that holds toilet paper or wet wipes....
Auto Mobility Combo Pack
Swivel seat and Handybar to make transfer in and out of...
Walking Belt Carequip
Assists the carer in patient mobility and transfers
Dycem Anchorpad round
190mm Round Anchor Pad-Blue
Scissors Nail Easigrip
Provides protection to injured ribs as well as limited immobilisation.
Leg Lifter
Rigid leg loop to allow lifting of a non functional leg-...
6 in 1 Multi Opener
Opens 6 different seals and Lids
Cylindrical foam used to give cutlery, pens etc a thicker...
Dressing Stick
Aid for assisting in dressing
GRIPSOX non-slip sock
Grip safety socks. 95% cotton for breathability.
Shoe Horn - Plastic
- Plastic moulded shoehorn, Long handle gives excellent...
Safe Sip cup covers
Silicone cover that fits most cups/mugs/cans.
Cup - Feeding cup
A clear plastic beaker that can be used for hot or cold...

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