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For the Kitchen

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Food Preparation Board
Durable cutting board, ideal for those with difficulty gripping...
Tipping Kettle Ucello- Kettle Tipper
Easily and safely used without ever removing it from the...
Kettle (Jug) Tipper
This sturdy wire tipper makes it safe and easy to pour water....
Bread Board - Plastic with spikes
Durable moulded board with raised L-shape in one corner-...
Dycem Anchorpad round
190mm Round Anchor Pad-Blue
6 in 1 Multi Opener
Opens 6 different seals and Lids
Cup - Clear Caring Mug
Features a wide stable base with 2 large contoured & angled...
Jar Opener Twister
- Helps twist jar lids open - Cone shaped rubber moulding...
Can Pull
Durable device designed for opening ring pull cans- Extremely...
Bottle Opener
Bottle opener with flexible rubber gives firm grip on small...
Safe Sip cup covers
Silicone cover that fits most cups/mugs/cans.
Cup - 2 handle
Two handle mug with two lids one is non spill, the other...
Cup - Feeding cup
A clear plastic beaker that can be used for hot or cold...

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