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Dictus Band
The Dictus Band is an orthosis to help people who suffer...
Dorsiwedge Night Splint
Soft padded splint providing passive dorsi-flexion to address...
Dictus Indoor  Black
An aid for indoor use. Has a rising action when you raise...
Drop Foot Splint / AFO Springleaf
Rigid plastic splint to support the foot while walking....
Drop foot slint/ AFO super-lite
Rigid AFO splint to aid in foot lift
Post Op Shoe
Comfortable shoe replacement for people who have recently...
Heel Cup Tuli's Heavy Duty
Shock absorbers for your feet.- Instantly relieves:1. painful...
Cast boot rocker
Fits over plaster cast when normal shoes are too small.
Heel Cup Tuli's Classic
Shock absorbers for your body - help stop walking pain.
Dictus Monohook
Replacement hook for the dictus
Dictus Latex Band
Replacement single rubber band for dictus band
Dictus Hooks (pair)
Two spare metal replacement hooks for dictus band

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