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Cleaning Maintenance and Handy Tips for Your CPAP Equipment
How to clean your mask:
- It is advised that you wash your mask before use as there may be surface chemicals present which may cause reactions, including headgear.
- All that you need to do is hand wash the silicone in warm water with baby shampoo. If you are using a Fisher and Paykel mask do NOT wash grey foam.
- The grey foam for Fisher &Paykel masks can be wiped over with an antibacterial wipe.
- Once washed rinse and let it all air dry out of direct sunlight.
- The purpose of cleaning the mask EVERY day removes all oils and other residues that may be present on your face and it helps prevent fungal growth on and inside your mask.
- Headgear is to be washed weekly in a lingerie bag in the full cycle of the wash and hung out in the shade to dry.
Cleaning the wrong way
Do NOT use the following to clean your CPAP equipment including: cushion, frame, mask air tubing or the machine:
- Bleach
- Chlorine
- Alcohol
- Aromatic-based solutions (including ALL scented oils)
- Moisturising or anti-bacterial soaps
- Exposure to high temperatures, which is above 80deg C (176F), may reduce the life of the product.
Machine Maintenance
- It is important to make sure there is NO dust around where your machine sits as this can reduce the quality of treatment
- You should regularly check the filter in the back of the machine and depending on where you live, this  will depend on how long you get out of your filter, they can last anywhere from 3-6 months than they NEED to be replaced. They can NOT be washed.
- The water in the humidifier needs to be emptied every day and allowed to air dry.
- Once a week the humidifier needs to be left to soak with 1/3 white vinegar and 2/3 warm water for 2hours than rinse well and leave to air dry.
- Water to be used in the humidifier should be distilled or boiled water as this will help to increase the length of time that you get out of your chamber.
- Water level MUST be BELOW the black line marked on the chamber.
- Tubing should be hung to air dry every day and twice a week should be washed in warm water with baby shampoo, rinsed and left to air dry out of direct sunlight.
- If the noise that the machine normally makes increases or if you think that it is not working properly or you are feeling tired when waking up than it is advisable that you either come and see one of our specialised staff at the shop or go back to your doctor to for reassessment.
It is advisable that you clean all of your CPAP equipment to help prevent bacterial and fungal growth, this help to reduce the possibility of colds and other health issues.
Mask Leakage and Dryness
If you are waking up through the night with air escaping from the seal of the mask or you are waking up with dry eyes or mouth, it is advisable to have your mask looked at as there may be something wrong with your mask or parts.
Some of these reasons include:
- The mask hasn’t been put back together correctly
- The Silicone seal may be stretched through being  old and has deteriorated the spring being gone as well as  the sealing ability being reduced
- There may be a tear in the silicone which will need replacing
- The headgear is over stretched and needs replacing
- Parts may have a build on of body debris.
- Depending on your mask there may be a part missing for example a valve or port cap.
- The way you are sleeping and/or the pillow being used may also affect the position of the mask on your face.
- If you are experiencing a dry mouth when waking up and you are using your humidifier, it is recommended that you adjust the heat setting on the humidifier. This is also recommended if you are experiencing water in your tubing. 
Experiencing water in tubing?
There are a few reasons why you may be getting water in your tubing, these may include:
- Humidifier is set to high, thus creating condensation
- Combination of humidity in air as well as settings being too high.
- When the ambient room is much colder than the air being heated by CPAP or
- You may need to increase the room temperature of the room you are sleeping in. If you are sleeping with the window open you may need to shut the window.
- When there is too much moisture being produced by the humidifier.
If you are experiencing any of these issues you may like to try the following;
- You may need to increase the room temperature of the room you are sleeping in. If you are sleeping with the window open you may need to shut the window.
- Insulate your tubing either with the bed covers or a specialized tubing wrap
- Keep your CPAP with Humidifier lower than the height of your head in the laying position..
The majority of the machines have a 2yr warranty; it will depend on the manufacturer.
Electricity Rebate entitlement please ask your energy provider or our store for a form.
Every month wipe over the exterior of the machine with a damp cloth, this will remove the build up of any excess dust that may affect the functionality of the machine.
Hopefully we have answered some of your questions, however if you still have a question, please contact us either by email, phone or in person. There is no such thing as a silly question, so anything you want to know please let us know.

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