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Recliner Chairs in Newcastle

We have a variety of lift chairs (electric recliner chairs) available. They can be either single or dual motor. Wth the single motor the leg rest and the back move at the same time, where as the Dual motor the leg rest and the back can be operated seperately. The 3 different styles that we have are: 

Monarch, single motor, Carequip brand, 

Assist-A-Lift, single motor, made in USA, available in both fabric and vinyl and 

Derwent/Ashley Top Form which is made in Tasmania and distributed from Melbourne. Available in a large range of fabrics, vinyls and sizes.

Electric Lift and Recline Chairs

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Lift Chair Derwent Dual Motor Chair
Dual motor with waterfall style backrest.
Lift Chair Eton dual motor
Deluxe 'box in box' dual motor lift chair with headrest
Lift Chair Mercer
Dual motor deluxe lift chair with headrest and lumbar
Lift Chair Studio Dual motor
Deluxe dual motor lift chair with headrest and lumbar
Lift Chair Pride LC-358XL
Superior design that provides exceptional strength. Extra...
Lift Chair Pride T3 Leather Lift chair
Infinite position lift chair featuring the Trendelenburg...
Lift Chair Leather Pride LC-101
Lift and recline electric leather chair with simple remote
Lift Chair Pride Dual Motor LC 107
Versatility of dual motor which operates back and leg rests...
Lift Chair Pride D30
Electric left recline chair, 170kg load limit. Colours available...
Lift Chair Pride C1 Petite
Small lift recline lift chair
Lift Chair Pride C101
Electric Lift/recline chair 160kgs
Lift Chair- Imperial 8115 Dual Motor
Power lift and recline armchair with dual motor remote
Hire: Single Motor Lift Chair
Monthly hire available
Hire: Dual Motor Lift Chair
Monthly hire available for lift chair

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