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IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended to wear rubber gloves, when putting on these garments to protect them from damage. This will also assist when using an aid to help smooth out any wrinkles and disperse the stocking material evenly.
DO NOT apply cream to leg prior to applying stockings
DO NOT wear Class 1 stockings or higher to bed

- Use the satin sock in the box for open toe stockings as this helps to slide the stocking over the foot
- Have heel of garment facing the client
- Using the wide band of the garment slide over foot with one pull up the leg (do not pull on the compression part of the garment)
- With palm of hand - ONLY - gently work the stocking over the foot and up the leg - adjusting in small increments at a time (do not gather garment around ankle)
- Smooth garment with palm of hand so there are no creases in the garment
- Ensure the Density of the fabric is evenly dispersed

Position Guidelines
- Below knee       Position band 2cm below bend of knee (roughly 2 fingers below bottom of knee at the front)
- Full Length       Position Band 4-5cm below the groin (roughly 4 fingers from the groin) or where is comfortable
- Pantyhose         Position leg part 1 1/2 cm below groin, panty band at waist (wear as normal pantyhose)


- Using rubber gloves, take hold of the band of the garment and pull down to the ankle
- Insert Finger between the garment and the leg and pull the garment over the ankle and heel
- Slowly Pull garment over foot
- DO NOT bunch garment up as this will make it very difficult to remove.


- Sharp or splintered fingernails, rough hands, sharp edged rings/watches, bad shoes can damage the fine material of the garment.
- We ALWAYS advise that you wear protective gloves when putting on or taking off your compression garment and to wear good shoes(flip slops/sandals will wear the foot and heel)

There is 2 ways that you can wash your stockings:

1: You can machine-wash your compression garment by gently treating it like a delictae synthetic piece of clothing (use mesh bag for protection) 

2: You can hand wash compression garment in warm water with a couple of drops of liquid soap. DO NOT wring garment. Rinse garment - lay garment flat on a towel and roll up and press out excess water (treat garment like a pure wollen jumper) than lay flat to dry

- DO NOT put garment in dryer or near a heater - This will destroy the compression

- It is advisable not to use ointments or talc on your limbs as this will tend to clog the fibres of the compressiob garment. All stain removers, such as turpentine, petrol, metholayted spirits etc can and will destroy the material.
- Compression Garment fabric has a limited life span between 4-6 Months.
- After this time the compression of the garment starts to deteriorate and will need to be replaced.

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