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Seal Tight Sports Active

sport sizes

The seal tight cast protectors covers the cast allowing the individual to shower properly without getting the cast wet. A safe protector during water activities (swimming, water sports).
Although it is primary for cast protection it can also be used to cover wounds and ulcers that cannot get wet.
- Latex free
- Lead free
- Lasts the life of the cast
- Safe to use for swimming
- Available in Adults and Children Sizing
- Arm and Leg
- Comes in a variety of different sizes.

For Cast -  Small Arm - 19" length (48cm)
              -  Small Leg - 25" length (64cm)
For Cast  - Short Arm - 21" (53cm)
               - Long Arm - 33" (84cm)
               - Short Leg - 24" (61cm)
               - Long Leg - 40" (102cm)

*to select the style and size that you are after click on the edit box in the checkout section
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